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Classic car and campervan insurance is there to protect your pride and joy.

Whether you’re going to a show, taking a day trip to the seaside, or labouring over a restoration project, our fully comprehensive insurance provides financial protection for you and your classic vehicle.

  • Fully comprehensive cover
  • Yearly policy with a low excess
  • Cover for rallies organised by owners’ clubs
  • Optional cover for wedding and event hire
  • Optional laid-up and build-up cover


*based on a 50 year-old insuring a Ford Escort at a value of £15,000 on a comprehensive basis. Parked on a driveway in an NR postcode with an annual limit of 3000 miles. £75 excess. Subject to an additional low £10 arrangement fee.

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

At Alan Boswell Group we believe in providing our customers with competitive car insurance products suitable for their needs. We’ve been insuring classic cars for over 40 years’ and have access to a range of schemes to provide you a with a competitive price, and value for money. Our expert team understand the difference between a classic, a modern classic, a vintage and a veteran, so no matter the type of vehicle you have we can provide you with the right advice to protect your cherished motor. 

How our customers rate us

Every year I get good, prompt, and professional service when I renew my car insurance.

Dr Turner, Private Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance in detail

  • Fully comprehensive Fully comprehensive cover for damage, fire, theft, and third party liability.
  • Agreed value Claims are paid out based on the value you have agreed with the insurer, rather than market value.
  • Low excess You can choose the total excess payable from £50.
  • EU cover Fully comprehensive cover when driving in the EU for up to 90 days per year.
  • Club discounts 10% discount for club members.
  • Mileage discount Limited mileage discount available.
  • Rally cover No additional charge for cover for local, national, and international rallies organised by owners' clubs which are recognised by the DVLA (excludes racing, pacemaking, or any contest or speed trail other than a hill climb).
  • Wedding hire cover Optional cover for hiring your vehicle out for use at weddings and other events, available on either a daily or annual policy.
  • Laid-up and build-up cover Optional cover for accidental damage, fire, and theft while your vehicle is off the road, including when undergoing restoration.

Types of classic vehicles we insure

We can provide insurance for a range of classic cars and vehicles, including:

  • Classic cars
  • Modern classics
  • Classic Americans
  • Classic kits
  • Classic vans and pick-ups
  • Classic campervans
  • Classic taxis
  • Classic 4x4s
  • Classic tractors

Additional benefits

Alongside your classic car insurance we also provide additional covers, including:

  • KeyBack cover Cover for lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged car keys.
  • Excess protection Covers the cost of your policy excess if you make a claim.


  • The insurer will require six colour photographs of your vehicle and a completed agreed valuation from to be returned to them.

  • There is no upper age limit. Generally, an insurer will define a classic as a vehicle over 30 years old, however much newer vehicles from 15 years old can also be considered a modern classic by some insurers.

  • In this case you would need to pay for the excess mileage. If you think you will exceed the agreed mileage then it is best to discuss this with your insurer to get an extension, otherwise you risk invalidating your insurance.

  • It will depend on your insurer. Some insurers have specific terms which state that the garage you choose must be the same cost as it would be if you used one of your insurer’s approved repairers. It’s best to check the terms of your policy wording, or speak to your insurer if you’re unsure.

  • Yes, although each insurer will have a different limit.

  • As classic car insurance is non-NCB rated you won’t receive a discount for any NCB years you might have accumulated on a regular car.

    However, if you have spare NCB to use (for example, if you are replacing a ‘regular’ car with a ‘classic’) some insurers will allow you to apply the NCB years to the classic policy, so it doesn’t become out of date or expire. The NCB years will sit static on the classic policy and can be called upon as and when you decide to buy a regular car.  As a reminder, you can only use one set of NCB years on a single vehicle, so if you have multiple vehicles, storing spare NCB on a classic policy can be useful.

  • Vehicles built or first registered more than 40 years ago on a rolling basis do not need an MOT, as long as no ‘substantial changes’ have been made to it in the last 30 years.

    Changes can include replacing the chassis, bodyshell, axles, or engine to change the way the vehicle works.

    It’s important to know that even if your vehicle is exempt from an MOT, it is still legally required to be roadworthy at all times it’s used on the road.

    For this reason, many people choose to undertake an annual MOT in any case.

  • No. You do not need to pay vehicle tax if your car, van, motorcycle, or tricycle is more than 40 years old, on a rolling basis, unless it is used for hire or reward or for commercial purposes.

    Unlike the MOT exemption for vehicles more than 40 years old, which applies automatically, you must apply for vehicle tax exemption.

  • Classic cars more than 40 years old that qualify for vehicle tax and MOT exemptions are also exempt from paying London’s Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) charges.

    The exemption does not apply to classic vehicles used for commercial purposes, such as street food vans, unless it was constructed before 1st January 1973.

    Transport for London provides a number plate vehicle checker so you can find out which charges, if any, you need to pay.

  • Classic car owners can benefit from joining a car or owners club for a variety of reasons.

    Insurers favour owners who join clubs, because it demonstrates an enthusiasm for, and a commitment to, looking after their vehicle. Discounts of up to 10% are available from some insurers.

    Other benefits of joining a car club include:

    • attending events and car shows, and meeting like-minded people;
    • access to a wealth of expert knowledge from fellow owners;
    • discounts on spare parts and from affiliated companies;
    • win awards by showing your car at club events.