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Latest News Seven benefits of NEBOSH to businesses

Seven benefits of NEBOSH to businesses

Seven benefits of NEBOSH to businesses

The NEBOSH National General Certificate is globally recognised as one of the most valuable health and safety qualifications for businesses and their employees.

Suitable for any workplace, the qualification is aimed at managers, supervisors, and those with any responsibility for health and safety.

It provides a solid understanding of the fundamentals of risk management and health and safety, with a two-stage exam including a marked risk assessment based on the candidate’s workplace.

And, while certification directly benefits the employee, there are also tangible benefits for businesses in enrolling their staff on NEBOSH training courses.

Here are seven of the main benefits of NEBOSH courses to businesses.

  1. Reduce costs

Employing staff with a NEBOSH qualification can help prevent accidents in the workplace, which has a direct impact on reducing your business’s costs.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, 565,000 people sustained injuries at work in 2021/22, causing 36.8million working days to be lost at a cost of £18.8billion.

Qualified staff contribute to a safer working environment, reducing accidents and the costs associated with absences, downtime in production and, potentially, litigation.


  1. Improve your reputation

Companies are increasingly looking to do business with organisations that can demonstrate a commitment to high standards, including in health and safety.

Having NEBOSH qualified staff, and consequently a good health and safety record, enhances your organisation’s reputation in your sector, potentially setting you apart from your competitors.

It almost goes without saying that a poor record of workplace accidents and injuries is likely to harm your standing in the business community.


  1. Attract the best staff

More than ever, job hunters are looking for roles with employers with a strong corporate responsibility ethos who demonstrate a commitment to their staff through training and safe working practices.

Ensuring your managers and supervisors are NEBOSH trained can help attract and retain staff – your most valuable resource – and give you a competitive advantage.

Prospective employees are also often looking for career advancement when searching for a new job. Offering NEBOSH training to a new health and safety hire offers an additional benefit that may make your job offer more attractive.


  1. Comply with legal health and safety legislation

Having NEBOSH-qualified employees helps businesses provide a safe working environment, and comply with health and safety legislation, including the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 (HSWA) and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Employers can be imprisoned for up to 12 months or given an unlimited fine for failures to comply with the general duties imposed by the HSWA.


  1. Empowered, motivated workforce

Putting employees through a NEBOSH course makes them feel empowered and valued, and has a knock-on effect on their own wellbeing, job satisfaction, and productivity.

Research by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) showed that job satisfaction was linked to higher levels of mental health, a lower likelihood of leaving their job, and a greater personal appreciation of risk.


  1. In-house knowledge

Putting a wide range of managers and supervisors through the course provides your business with a greater spread of risk management knowledge in multiple areas of the organisation, able to deal with the different health and safety scenarios that companies face on a daily basis. In fact, more than 70% of people who take the NEBOSH certificate do not work directly in health and safety.

This in-house knowledge of best practice helps your business mitigate risks quickly and effectively and react efficiently when new risks emerge.


  1. More attractive to insurers

Having NEBOSH-qualified employees demonstrates a commitment to risk management and health and safety, which makes your business a more attractive risk to insurers.

Businesses that embrace risk management culturally tend to have fewer claims and, in practical terms, this could result in more favourable terms from insurers.


Alan Boswell Risk Management (ABRM) runs a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke health and safety courses, with training provided by qualified risk managers.

Contact ABRM for more information, or enrol on a NEBOSH training course in 2023 on our website.

Limited spaces are available on each course, use the form below to book yours.

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