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Latest News S-Tech Insurance Services shortlisted for the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2022

S-Tech Insurance Services shortlisted for the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2022

Tiga awards

S-Tech Insurance Services, part of independent insurance broker Alan Boswell Group, have been shortlisted for the Services Provider award at this year’s TIGA Games Industry Awards, for their insurance services to the Games industry. 

Video games insurance from S-Tech has been developed in conjunction with TIGA and UKIE, and protects businesses from glitches and software errors to cybercrime. 

The TIGA Games Industry Awards celebrate games development studios and digital publishers, along with the companies that work with them in areas such as recruitment, insurance and risk management, and legal services. 

The awards ceremony will take place on Thursday 10th November at Church House in Westminster, London. 

Find out more about the TIGA Awards here – https://tiga.org/awards/about. 

As of 2023, S-Tech has been rebranded to Alan Boswell Group. You can read more about this here.

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