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Latest News Why we need to talk about cancer

Why we need to talk about cancer

Talking about cancer

The recent deaths of David Bowie, Lemmy and Alan Rickman from cancer has brought this terrible and pervasive illness very much to the forefront of the public consciousness. Yet because it can affect us in devastating fashion, cancer is still virtually a taboo subject. However, unless we talk openly about the illness and what can be done to both prevent it and cope with its consequences, we put ourselves at greater risk of being affected by it.

Lack of awareness

A recent survey, by Aviva, suggested that while 58% of UK adults are more worried about contracting cancer than any other illness, 8 million British adults (17%) had taken no preventative action to prevent this from happening.

Only 46% limited their exposure to the sun or use sunscreen, only 37% exercised regularly exercise and only 29% limited their consumption of red meat. Incredibly nearly one in three (29%) did not identify smoking as a cancer risk factor. Yet the research suggests that an estimated four in ten cancer cases could be prevented through lifestyle changes such as these.

Be prepared

While we should all take steps to reduce the risk of contracting cancer we should also be prepared in case of the worst. Taking out cover means that, should you get ill or die, many everyday financial concerns will be taken care of.

Although many who get cancer make a full recovery, they may not be able to work while they are ill. Income protection insurance ensures you have some money coming in during this period, while critical illness cover can provide you with a lump sum on diagnosis that can be used to pay household or medical bills.

Family income benefit pays your family a monthly income to cover basic living costs if you die, and life insurance will provide them with a lump sum to ensure they are taken care of if you are no longer around to provide for them.

Although no one wants to talk about cancer and other serious illnesses it is important to acknowledge them and do what we can to lessen their impact. At Alan Boswell Group we believe in acting sooner rather than later and being prepared. If you would like more information, please be assured that all communication will be handled with the utmost discretion and sensitivity.

If you would like to talk to someone please call us directly on 01953 458832.

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