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Latest News Confusion over declined home insurance claims

Confusion over declined home insurance claims

Declined home insurance claims

A recent article by the BBC highlighted that more than one in five home insurance claims are declined. The report goes on to cite one of the main reasons for this being ‘Confusion about what is covered ’by policyholders Other reasons such as “brought the wrong kind of cover” and “claims valued below policy excess” are also mentioned as reasons that policyholders failed to receive a settlement for their claim.

Choosing the right product for you

How often when you make an internet purchase do you accept the terms and conditions without really reading them? While this may be OK when you are signing up to a newsletter or downloading the latest App it is a dangerous mistake to make when purchasing an insurance product (e.g. conditions may apply you can’t adhere to). Using an insurance broker can drastically reduce your chances of getting a claim turned down. With an insurance broker you get advice and guidance on the right type of policy to purchase and help and support should a claim arise.

An insurance broker has access to a variety of insurance products and will tailor a policy and service to your specific circumstances. Home insurance covers a wide spectrum and there could be many factors that alter what type of policy is required:

  • Use of property e.g. second home, rental property, vacant for long periods, business use
  • Who lives in property e.g. Family, lodgers, paying guests
  • What is the property condition e.g. being renovated, Grade 2
  • Value of property and contents

An insurance broker will understand your individual circumstances and recommend a policy suitable for your needs. At the purchase stage they will also advise you of any relevant excesses, limits and major conditions and exclusions allowing you to make an informed decision.

Making a claim

When a claim arises is when an insurance broker comes into their own. With most internet and direct insurance purchases you will have to work hard to argue your case, whereas a broker is there to help you through the process. They take the hassle away at what is normally a very stressful time.

Having an insurance broker undoubtedly adds value at the claims stage, according to the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA), 94% of brokers overturn claim rejections or obtain larger payments for their customers. Sharon Theobold Claims Manager at Alan Boswell Group explains:

“Insurance brokers understand policies and the minefield of insurance jargon. Working with insurers on your behalf we are able to deal with your claim and remove the worry and stress often associated with claims. We are able to negotiate on your behalf from a solid footing of experience and understanding ensuring you achieve the best possible outcome.”

Why Alan Boswell Group

Alan Boswell Group is an award-winning insurance broker and recent recipient of the Insurance Times Independent Broker of the Year Award. We have access to a multitude of products and also have delegated authority on behalf of many insurance companies enabling us to settle claims quickly, providing our customers with great service throughout. To speak to one of our advisers contact us on 01603 218000.

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