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Events Webinars

Alan Boswell Group has a library of webinars on a host of products and topics from professional indemnity to effectively implementing your Health & Safety policy.

Our most recent webinars can be found here:

Professional indemnity insurance – am I liable?

This webinar will help you to understand why you need professional indemnity insurance and what the cover provides.

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Demystifying professional indemnity insurance

This professional indemnity (PII) presentation addressed the basics of the protection that the cover affords and why you may need it.

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Directors and officers insurance - are you exposed?

This webinar helps you to understand the reasons why you may want to consider D&O cover.

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Effective implementation of your Health & Safety policy

Find out how to effectively implement, communicate and monitor your Health & Safety policy to ensure compliance.

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Pre-harvest Health & Safety - are you fully prepared?

Pre-harvest, this webinar will highlight some of the key health & safety risks you face, helping you keep your people, your assets, the public and your reputation safe during the summer.

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Dealing with winter hazards - get ready for the cold

Don’t be caught cold this winter – listen to our webinar, which we hosted on 6 December 2018, for expert advice on preparing for the…

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The cost of empty house insurance
Empty house insurance cost

Unoccupied house insurance is a specialist policy covering empty homes for longer than standard home insurance allows. We look at how much empty house insurance costs and ask if you really do need cover in the first place.

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Landlord harassment
A guide to understanding landlord harassment

Landlord harassment is essentially anything a landlord does that prevents tenants from living peacefully in their homes. Examples of landlord harassment in the UK vary widely but includes incidents such as changing the locks without tenants’ knowledge.

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care home insurance
Comprehensive guide to care home insurance: protecting your business

If you own or manage a care home, ensure you have all your insurance liabilities covered with our comprehensive guide.

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