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Medical malpractice insurance (or clinical negligence insurance) is designed for healthcare professionals to protect them in the event of any allegations of medical malpractice or clinical negligence.

Over recent years there has been a notable rise in legal action being taken as the population grows and more people seek private medical treatment. Given the complexity of this sector it makes practical sense to seek independent expert advice on your insurance requirements.

  • Comprehensive cover tailored to your business
  • Legal expenses to defend actions brought against you or your company
  • Tailored pricing through understanding your activities
  • Flexibility to cover additional activities

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

personal insurance

We have worked closely with the Association of Tongue Tied Practioners to provide members and other practioners with a tailored and bespoke offering from a leading insurer.

Medical malpractice insurance is a must for anyone who gives medical advice or provides a medical service and we can work with you using our relationship with leading insurers to get you the best terms.

Tongue Tied Practitioners Insurance in detail

To provide comprehensive medical malpractice insurance you will need a variety of covers:

Legal expenses – Costs for defending any claim for accusation of medical negligence;

Misdiagnosis – Cover for misdiagnosis of condition, injury, illness etc;

Causation – Cover where inadequate treatment leads to claim;

Breach of duty – Cover for treatment administered below adequate standard leading to claim.


  • This very much depends on the level of risk of your activities and your potential exposure.

    Our experts will discuss this with you.

  • Both options are available for purchase. In some instances you may wish to purchase both.

  • No. Public liability insurance will commonly exclude any treatment or medical service provided.

  • Yes. Medical malpractice insurance is designed to cover your medical advice, procedures, and treatments offered, it would not cover you against claims from third parties for injury or damage from any other aspect of your business such as setting up or moving items about the clinic.


The policy is backed by an award winning claims service that specialise and understand the medical profession. Insurers have their own in-house legal team so you can rest assured the right people are working on your behalf should the worst happen.

If you need to make a claim, please see our claims section.

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