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Insurance for complementary therapists has been designed to provide protection against an allegation of medical malpractice arising from most types of complementary therapy. Cover includes public liability, medical malpractice and products liability cover for a £5,000,000 limit of indemnity.

Complementary therapy covers many specialist areas; all of these therapies have to be carefully assessed to provide the most suitable, and competitively priced, cover.

The Alan Boswell Group Difference

International Federation of Aromatherapists

As a leading independent insurance broker and one of the eastern region’s largest financial planners, our business is perfectly placed to guarantee an independent, personal, bespoke service with the clout and connections of a big player.

We aim to ease the burden that arranging insurance or financial planning can bring. We pride ourselves on our personal approach, providing a dedicated contact to review your situation and provide continuous expert advice for your business or personal needs.

How our customers rate us

I have relied on the company for more than 20 years and have not been let down.

Mrs Bishop - Complimentary Therapy Insurance

Aromatherapy Insurance in detail

The standard IFA insurance cover is for public liability insurance, products liability insurance, and malpractice insurance:

  • Public liability insurance Accidental injury to members of the public or accidental damage to their property

    £5,000,000 any one claim
  • Products liability insurance Accidental injury or accidental damage to property resulting from products supplied in connection with treatment of a client

    £5,000,000 for any one period of insurance
  • Malpractice insurance Cover includes breach of professional duty consequent upon any neglect error or omission in providing advice, treatment, or prescriptions.

Additional benefits

The following are automatically included in your policy:

  • Breach of confidentiality Cover for allegations of breaching the Data Protection Act
  • Errors and omissions Cover for allegations of failing to provide, or obtain, key information in connection with the treatment provided
  • Libel and slander Cover for allegations made in respect of slander against your client

Extensions of cover

You can optionally extend your therapist’s liability policy cover to provide business equipment cover which insures business equipment including computers up to a value of £1,000 on an all risks basis, anywhere in Europe for an additional cost of £11.

The Alan Boswell Group aromatherapists scheme is extremely flexible and further therapies can be added on request.

Please note, cover only applies to UK residents with a UK bank account.

For further information contact Alan Boswell Group on 01603 649725 where a team that specialises in therapy insurance will be ready to answer any queries.


IFA Policy Wording

IFA Summary of Cover

Approved Therapies

Please review the list of approved therapies. If you have any doubt or can not see your therapy included please contact us.

Approved Therapies

  • This insurance scheme only recognises fully certified courses and does not recognise online courses or online assessment. The only time an online course will be agreed is if a member is fully certified in that particular therapy and the online course(s) involves an add-on or tweak of the original technique.  Online courses are never accepted when it involves use of or application of heat.

    • Aqua Chi Detox
    • Caci (non-surgical facelift)
    • Colonic irrigation
    • Dance movement therapy
    • De-cluttering
    • Deeksa Giver
    • Derma rolling
    • Diet counsellor
    • Electrolysis
    • First aid
    • Fitness training – testing of pulse, blood presssure, height and weight to ascertain if OK to participate in physical fitness class
    • Garra Rufa Spa Treatment
    • Gentle birthing
    • Gerson diet therapy
    • Gua Sha (excluding Facial Gua Sha)
    • Hair extensions
    • Hartmath
    • Holistic Pelvic Care
    • Horse Bowen Technique
    • In cases involving bi-polar, the client should seek his/her GP’s prior approval commencing treatment.
    • Ingestion of any oils
    • Katseye blends
    • Kore therapy
    • Law of Attraction
    • Motivation therapy
    • NAET allergy testing
    • Non personal awareness
    • Pharmacy technician
    • Psych-K
    • Reflexology performed on cancer patients or those with infertility issues is covered, however failure for the condition (i.e cancer remission or failure to conceive) is not covered.
    • Sah Khrem
    • Shamballa Healing
    • Tarot cards and mediumship
    • The policy excludes cover for any treatments carried out against the advice of the relevant professional body or medical practitioner.
    • Therapies relating to fertility or anything of a sexual nature, including counselling

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