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About us Environmental Social Governance The Alan Boswell Group Charitable Trust (ABGCT)

Alan Boswell Group Charitable Trust logo The Alan Boswell Group Charitable Trust was formally set up in May 2019 and has donated over £1.5m to date. Our funding has supported many causes, such as healthcare organisations, mental health charities, sports clubs, the elderly community, veterans, animal welfare organisations, and more.

Why was the Trust set up?

The Group have always looked to support as many charities and those in need as possible. The Trust puts a structure in place that ensures that all of the communities in which we operate can receive funding. The committee comprises staff from across the group, so that it can remain impartial and independent.

Our commitment to supporting our communities extends to playing our part in delivering a sustainable future through our approach to ESG principles, which you can find more about here.

What causes does the Trust donate to?

Broadly speaking, the Trust will consider applications for any cause that will benefit the wider public and the communities in which we operate (Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, and Lincolnshire). We support charitable causes which focus on the following areas:

  • Community resources
  • Healthcare and mental health
  • Sports teams and foundations
  • The elderly, veterans, and vulnerable communities
  • Animal welfare
  • Disaster recovery
  • Applications

    The Trust welcomes applications from any organisation with a cause that will benefit the wider public in the areas that we operate. All applications must be made using our standardised form to ensure the application process remains transparent.
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    Once the form has been completed, please email it to [email protected]. A sub-committee member will then review and process your application. Suitable applications are presented to the board of Trustees to discuss and make the ultimate decision, after which successful grants are paid. Our sub-committee will contact successful applicants at a later date to see how the donation has made a difference.

    The Trustees meet quarterly to review applications. Typically, an applicant will know the outcome of their application no longer than three months after submission.

    Download application form

    Application criteria

    The Trustees wish to make grants to a wide range of organisations, which will ultimately result in the wider public benefiting. Trustees are particularly keen to help charitable causes in the locations where Alan Boswell Group has a presence. Whilst not excluding large UK-wide charities, the Trust typically only makes grants to such organisations where there are strong relations in the primary area of benefit, and the proposal has the potential to achieve a substantial impact.
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    As a registered charity, the Trust can only make grants to support activity which is charitable in law. Applicants don’t need to be registered charities to apply, but the Trust will only make unrestricted grants to charities. Grants to any unregistered charity will be restricted to a specific charitable purpose.

    Grant requests which the Trustees will not normally support are:

  • Contributions to general appeals or circulars
  • Religious activities which are not for a wider public benefit
  • Public bodies to carry out their statutory obligations
  • Grant making by other organisations
  • ​​​​​​Privately owned and profit-distributing companies or limited liability partnerships

    Norwich sleep out 2022To ensure the Trust’s resources are used solely to further its charitable objectives and to ensure the Trust can report on the impact of grants, Trustees expect that all grants will have one to three measurable objectives agreed at the beginning of the funding period as part of the grant offer.

    There is no lower or upper limit on grants.​​​​​​​

    The Alan Boswell Group Charitable Trust is a registered charity (No. 1183272)

  • Past donations

    You can read about some of the previous donations the Trust has made, and the impact of grants, on the link below.

    Past donations and grant impacts